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I took these at the little lake down the street this morning while trying out My 150-600 mm lens after the firmware was applied and it was re-built and cleaned.

I couldn't say how happy I am with this lens now. It's much snappier to focus at all mm's from far to near and back and the images are sharper, by far than they were before.

Some folks gripe about having to pay shipping to have the firmware installed and it did put me off to have to but The $18.00 bucks I spent for two/three day delivery was well worth it to me and I still have another 5 1/2 years that I can send it in as often as I wish for cleaning and adjustment's, assuming I don't drop in in the lake or something.

These are cropped and Post Processed using Helicon filter software and are the best I can do for now because I'm disabled and can't walk far from my truck. So 99% of my images are taken from my pick-um-up truck using a beanbag to help hold the lens steadier or out my back door towards my bird garden. hopefully I'll continue to get better at photography as time goes by.

The Heron in flight was across the lake, maybe 2/3 of a mile away so they are extreme crops of the original image. The only reason images of it are included is to show other photographers the limits of the lens and my abilities as a photographer.

Hope you enjoy the images as much as I'm enjoying the lens and taking the pictures.

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