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I love photographing birds. They are one of Gods gifts to us and the varity is limitless. I hope you enjoy my photos and please leave a comment even if you don't like one. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

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Pam Bergen(non-registered)
Howdy Don!
I am a southerner, American and Christian too! I am married to an amazing Canadian Farmer and now reside in Alberta Canada. Your photos are so beautiful! I am not a photographer but I try really hard to wrap my head around this camera thing. You see my passion is painting wildlife and I only pInt from my own reference materials. Today my sweet husband gave me a new 150-600 Tamron lens for my birthday. I only hope to get pictures
like yours. What a joy it would be to have good close ups of Gods beautiful creatures. when people ask me who my favorite artist is....that's easy.....my answer is:
"My favorite artist is the greatest artist of the universe, HIS name
is God!" I love trying to make pictures so as to familiarize myself with the animals and then while I paint them I have this WONDERFUL quite time to share my thoughts with our Creator. I can hardly wait for morning were i get to try out my new lens on things He made for us to enjoy. God Bless you and keep you! Pamela Bergen
Larry Bagby(non-registered)
Don, you have taken some really nice bird photos. Thanks for sharing them. I especially like the hawk, redwing and woodpecker images, because I know how difficult these birds can be to photograph. Your woodpecker photo is truly a prize winner in my opinion.
Beautiful photography Don!
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