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I took these this evening after un-boxing my 150-600 mm from Tamron Firmware & re-build. They are OOC converted from RAW to jpeg only with Helicon filter. No PP of any king, no crops on any. I just set Helicon on "Batch process" and let it convert.

I didn't see the need for MFA at this time as these are taken from 150-600 and all mm's in between and they're all sharp to me for no PP but if you think it needs it, don't hesitate to let me know.

The last (8) eight images were taken of a little water fall I built in the garden for the birds to bath and drink to show sharpness at all mm's using the white rock in the center if the upper pond for bathing. They are in order #55-600 f6.3-#56-500mm f6.3 #57-400 6.3-#58-329 5.6-#59-300 f5.6-#60-250 f5.6-#61-191mm f5.6 & #62-150mm f5.0. I Don't know how the lens is fooling the camera it's taking at f5.6 & f5.0 on the last ones but that's the readings on my camera.

I purposefully shot "shutter" and "Auto ISO" so as to show the wide open or worst the lens should do. These are all hand held while leaning against the back door. Thought this might help show what the lens is capable of after it's firmware and rebuild for those on the line.

I have some PP'ed images of one set of sequential shots I was able to get folder before this one that I'll be adding to.

I'm no good at BIF because I shake to much but someone that's quick enough and good enough at BIF I believe this lens will give you no problems at all now.

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